Ben The Illustrator’s Colourful Illustrations For ‘The Guide to Rio 2016’

Illustrators all over the world have been creating content to celebrate this years Olympics. In amongst them is one of Bookblock’s illustration collaborators, ‘Ben the Illustrator’, who recently created a series of vibrant images for The Rio Guide 2016, for United Airlines plane magazine HemispheresInspired by the ‘…the pure enjoyment of sport, of doing it and watching it’, Ben told us that it was a really fun project to work on.

Ben designed all the image elements for each category of the article including the Opening Ceremony, Uniforms and the Refugee Team. He also had the pleasure of designing the full page cover of the magazine, showcasing a bold, bright and colour popping composition which shows off his graphical and eye-catching illustrative style.


Ben explained his intentions for the cover, ‘It felt good to include a crowd on the cover, not just the athletes, but the Olympics is different to any other sporting event because of the crowds, people who don’t follow sport watch it on tv or, even better, the locals go out and see events.’ He told us, ‘I didn’t want to focus on the gruelling training or the competitive psychology (both of which are super important of course), but I wanted the guide as a whole to be fun, to feel fresh and exciting.’

All of the images were created using a limited colour palette, which reflects the three colours from the Brazilian flag, plus a set of warm orange, yellows and some cool blues. He told us that he also was able to add a few nice little additions to the pages such as the including running track lines to frame the different sections on each page.

Feature-image-1-ben feature-image-3-ben

Check out Ben’s striking Illustrations for the guide on his website and some of his Bookblock Original designs here