BookBlock Original & Illustrator Collaberation

As the makers of custom notebooks we love nothing more then getting beautiful designs that show off our printed covers at their best. We recently got in touch with a selection of amazing illustrators to see how their creations would look on some Bookblock Originals. We were blown away by what we saw and thought it only fair that we share with you the work of just a few of the incredibly talented illustrators that really caught our eye.

Teddy Kang a Candian illustrator with buckets of creative genius creates beautiful paintly scenes of the everyday. Something we find works perfectly on our notebook covers


Sarah Clifford has made her way from sunny cornwall and her degree to London where she creates her magical worlds in pastel hues with the feel of times gone by


Rob Flowers is a London based illustrator who uses a graphic and surreal approach to illustration which has left us wanting more.


Sylvia Liu is currently working at Dreamworks and you can tell, her child like imagination really shows through in her work with make believe unicorn cats or gravity defying space shuttle scenes all of it done in paint or pencil all of it charmingly beautiful.


Marylou Faure is an illustrator that you may have spotted in your feed before. She is incredibly talented and her use of fluid lines and vibrant colour means her creations really jump of the covers of our notebooks


Antoine Corbineau is a French Illustrator who’s bold bright colours ways strong lines and intricate detail came up trumps for us and our covers.