Illustrator Sophie Standing Joins the Bookblock Team

Last week, Illustrator Sophie Standing joined the BookBlock team.

Having graduated from Kingston University with a degree in Illustration and Animation, she began working freelance as an Illustrator and designer, specialising in Medical Illustration.

Her most recents projects, ‘Pain is Really Strange’ and ‘Trauma is Really Strange’ are two research-based graphic novels explaining the science and strange nature of Pain and Trauma. Fully designed and Illustrated by Sophie and written by Bodyworker specialist Steve Haines, the comics explain the tricky subjects through fun and engaging visuals and explore our remarkable ability to re-train the brain.


This type of comic, often referred to as ‘Graphic Medicine’, is becoming more popular in the publishing world to make understanding illnesses easier. ‘Pain is Really Strange’ was the first comic to be be published by Singing Dragon, an imprint of Jessica Kingsley Publishers, and its success has meant that they have continued to publish more of its kind such as ‘Take it as a Compliment’ by Maria Stoian, which discusses sexual abuse, violence and harassment.

Sophie explained “The project really opened up my eyes to the possibility of using illustration in combination with science to convey complex concepts in visually engaging ways.

“I strongly feel that striking visuals and design should be incorporated more into therapeutic and medical books. Illustration allows us to take complex concepts, ideas and stories and visualise them in simpler terms, which can help make tough medical concepts understandable for everyone.”

Sophie_Standing_Body Sophie_Standing_Body_3

She is now working on a third book called ‘Forgiveness Is Really Strange’ in collaboration with The Forgiveness Project, which will be released next year.

Both graphic novels are available to purchase from the Singing Dragon website, Amazon and The Wellcome Collection shop. We’re excited to welcome Sophie to the team. Check out more of her work here.