Interview with Lawrence Slater


We met Lawrence Slater in the studio and house he shares with two other illustrators, his brother Thomas Slater and Kyle Platt. He graduated from LCC after studying graphic design, but decided to switch to illustration after graduating, as he didn’t like being so far removed from the final product.


He describes his style as “childlike, using simple flat colours”. There is a character and a narrative in almost every image that he creates. Speed is very important to his process, and he says the fact that he used to paint graffiti is probably behind his desire to create things as quickly as possible.


One of his main recent projects, Loz Lifestyle, came out of a break-up of a relationship. His brother advised him to draw the opposite of how he was feeling. Lawrence created a hedonistic playboy version of himself , and produced a series of images of him smoking cigars, surrounded by women, gambling and getting on his private plane. The results are very funny, and have recently been collected into a ‘motivational’ book ‘ inspired by ‘personal struggles and hard-hitting rap music’. It’s available to buy now online.


We talked about the difficulties of starting out as an illustrator in London, the obvious challenge being surviving and being able to balance making money with creating work. However he really highlighted the positive in the fact there are so many other illustrators around, as he said he has been helped out and completely welcomed into the scene.