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Jamie Kirk – Washed Out colouring zine

One of our favourite illustrators, and someone we’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with, recently produced a fantastic colouring zine – Washed Out – to raise money for mental health charities.

The Washed Out Jamie Kirk Custom Journal

London based illustrator Jamie Kirk joined forces with a number of talent artists including  Jean Jullien, Brosmind,Ben Tallon, Kyle Brooks and Bookblocks friend  Marylou Faure to produce the zine that is now abialble to purchase from Newspaper club for just £5. Proceeds will be donated to mental health charities Mind, YoungMinds, Rethink Mental Illness and Sane

Having watched friends and family members deal with anxiety, bipolar and depression Jamie ‘wanted to raise awareness and hopefully reduce the stigma that continues to surround mental health by engaging with people through art’. Going on to explain that ‘ “Zines seem to be a trendy medium at the moment and it’s a format many people are familiar with. I felt it was the best suited format in the hope of connecting with many people of all ages,”

The zine also invites people to share their artwork on social media via a #washedout hashtag and lists mental health websites and resources. You can view the custom notebooks Jamie made with us on his website.

WashedOut_Inside_Bookblock_2 WashedOut_Inside_Bookblock_3 WashedOut_Inside_Bookblock