Kristen Boydstun and The Sea

We were lucky enough to collaborate with Munich based American Illustrator Kristen Boydstun.

Kristen studied a masters degree in physics at Caltech, a place where she believes  many of her influences have derived from. She explained the fascinating correlation between her work and physics as a subject; ‘I was drawn to physics because I wanted to understand the simple, beautiful things in everyday life, like the shapes of shadows or wave patterns in water. I use these ideas constantly in my work now.’

Customized Bookblock Notebook

From first glance of her work, you can see that she is someone with an understanding of how shadows, light and form work within a composition. She is playful with perspective and has a really nice way of balancing concise, accurate detail with simplistic, bold shapes. In particular, the way Kristen portrays water in her work is mesmerisingly accurate and eye catching. She told us how water has been an influence in her latest work ‘Lately I’ve been particularly excited about ways of representing water and all of its states – splashing, reflecting, or crashing against the shore’.

Customized Journal

Kristen’s work is crafted both digitally and hand-made. Her process begins by sketching a rough idea out on paper and is then transferred to Photoshop where she refines the shapes and composition. She told us the next part of the process is her favourite – adding in textures and details, created by hand-making marks like splattered ink and photographing textures such as marble and glass, ‘I love playing with textures and patterns for their imperfection and contrast with the digital side to my work’.

Having only started illustrating less than a year ago and making the recent move to Europe, Kristen is currently working on building up her portfolio, drawing upon new daily influences from the people and places of Germany and Italy.

Check out more of her wonderful work on her website.