Fernando Leon Notebooks

It was a pleasure to collaborate with recently graduated Illustrator Fernando Leon to produce a set of custom notebooks, showcasing his bright and colourful style. Leon describes his work as ‘Playful, airy and colourful. Illustrating feels like making a puzzle for me. Playing with colours and shapes till it all fits right.’

We love the way Fernando has created his dynamic compositions for his notebook covers. Filled with crazy, fun characters and a mixture of contrasting shapes and colours, his designs are full of personality and narrative. He told us his inspiration comes from daily life, human behaviour and his surroundings, ‘I like to observe human behaviour and translate this into a crazy scenario with my illustrations’.

Leon Ter MaatIMG_10878 (1)

Having studied Illustration, Fernando believes he is more self taught than influenced by his schooling and since graduating is really happy and motivated with the freedom. As well as studying, Leon has a background in graffiti and this is where he discovered he liked to draw more than just letters in his work and ultimately led him onto the path of illustration as a career, ‘This ended up in a goal of earning my bread with illustration’.

Leon Ter MaatIMG_10901 (1)

Having only just graduated, Fernando has already been involved in a number of exciting projects. Last year he made a Children’s book and has also created several editorial illustrations, but as he told us, ‘I’d rather not focus on what I did  but more on what I want to achieve. Sky’s the limit’.

Leon Ter MaatIMG_10715

Fernando is currently living in Barcelona enjoying the freedom of being a graduated illustrator. He’s got a few exciting projects lined up including a mural and working with an animation studio on videoclips for record label Armada. Amongst all of this he meanwhile, is working hard to develop his style.

Visit his website to view more of his eye catching work.