Illustrator / Maker

Crafting charismatic designs that jump right off the page

Brimming with bright colours, energetic shapes and charming narratives Alec Doherty’s work is rich with movement and vivacity. His work is often character driven, transforming the human form into a myriad of abstract shapes and letters to create eye catching compositions. Using both hand-drawn and digital techniques to achieve his vibrant style, his work maintains a loose and free-hand quality which is full of spirit and full of fun.

Taking inspiration from music, everyday characters and narratives, his work encapsulates a frenzied version of reality often in the form of busy and bold intricate designs. His work has taken shape in a variety of forms from beer bottles labels to 3d wooden sculptures as he constantly experiments with new mediums to evolve his style.

I’m looking for the imperfections in stuff and i think that’s kind of beautiful

Alec Doherty