Illustrator / Maker

Bright, beautiful & psychedelic

Bursting from the Nordic darkness with bright, elaborate drawings depicting moments of action, Annu Kilpelainen is a master of colour. Think sophisticated ‘colour by number’, Annu uses the flatness of the humble posca pen to her advantage. Pulling you into a dreamland of screenshot-esque pictures, Annu forms a view of the world which is overtly dazzling and kaleidoscopic.

Working entirely from her head her influences span obscure documentaries, Japanese art and of course Tove Jansson. Much like the flow of a movie, Annu takes us across a dreamy colour world of shape, pattern, cars and glimpses of human contact. This, combined with a vibrant, almost psychedelic palette feeds the viewer with  an extraordinary visual feast.

I always start with doodles or sketches then play with colour. After that I just work intuitively

Annu Kilpeläinen