Illustrator / Maker

A tactile approach to exploring the world

David Doran’s work, which continuously hints to traditional printmaking, pulls us away from our overbearing digital world and into the analogue by using an aesthetic that reminds us of the charm of craft. Clearly inspired by the process of screenprinting, David uses the scope of the layer to his advantage. Colour is used confidently and helps accentuate the bold shapes within his illustrations.

Though concept is placed at the forefront of his work, David never fails to take the viewer through a journey of warm colours, cubist-esque forms and through stylish cities, creating beautiful illustrations that visualise serene moments of travel and human interaction. The silhouette plays the role of bringing nostalgic atmosphere, alluring shadows bring depth and warmth to his images, exploring a unique understanding of style.

Illustration is the perfect platform for me to communicate visually

David Doran