Illustrator / Maker

Celebrating the awkwardness of the human persona with humour

Martina Paukova’s charming and cheeky style finds the humour in the ordinary and celebrates the awkwardness of the human persona. From couples awkwardly eating pizza on the floor to  characters doing yoga in their living room, her work transforms daily mundane scenes into exciting and frenetic narratives; injected with a quirky sense of humour, fantastical charm and a wonderfully imaginative colour palette.

Martina style is characterised by her use of thick outlines, punchy colours and memphis inspired patterns to create her busy and bold geometric compositions. Filled with the aesthetics inspired by 70’s  American motels and modernist furniture, her work emulates a retro world filled with characters living modern narratives. Martina’s vivid style has been lapped up by clients such as The Guardian, Google, Converse and Pull&Bear.

I’ve been loyal to the dark outline and flat fill from the very beginning

Martina Paukova