Illustrator / Maker

Rob Flowers master illustrator & conjurer of fantasy lands.

Rob Flowers is the king of the school boy doodle, with a sophistication like no other. His humorous and inquisitive illustrations depict a place between reality and fiction. Collecting all manner of object and memorabilia, which clearly influence his approach to image-making, Rob creates worlds that are hypnotic and full of colliding characters to delight the viewer. His Junk Food Bookblock Edition is one the designs that really encapsulates this.

Rob spends most of his time either illustrating stuff influenced by some of his favourite things or searching for junk to add to his growing collection of assorted miscellany. Said favourites include medieval bestiaries, Halloween ephemera, folklore and mythology, Sid and Marty Kroftt, clowns, sideshow and circuses and 80s gross-out toys. Ideally he’d like to live in a land of hamburger patches, milkshake volcanoes and fillet-o-fish lakes.

I don’t approach illustrating for adults or children differently. Everyone likes fun and being silly don’t they?

Rob Flowers