Illustrator / Maker

Master of geometric line work and dazzling patterns

Bursting with bold colour, geometric lines and a healthy dose of humour, Rob Lowe (Aka Supermundane) hypnotic designs keep the eye wandering and the brain perplexed. He works digitally to create graphically striking designs filled with industrial shapes and luminous colours, and with a name meaning ‘beyond things which are above or superior to the earth’, it’s no surprise that his work feels like it’s been made from another planet.

Drawing from a background in graphic design his work showcases a mixture of illustration and typography all infused with his distinctive bold use of colour and line. Unconfined to the boundaries of paper, he work has featured in large scale public murals which have animated the walls of MTV, Moo and Leeds Train Station, and has been responsible for art directing some of most pioneering independent magazines including Anorak and Fire & Knives.

It’s all really about depth and hierarchal depth and how we try and organise things in our brain