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Meet the Maker – Martina Paukova

We recently collaborated with London based, Slovakian Illustrator Martina Puakova to make her a set of custom notebooks, glorifying her vibrant and fun style which is pleasing eyes all over the world.

After completing a degree in Politics in Slovakia, Martina moved to London to study Graphic Design and naturally landed onto the path of Illustration. Transforming daily mundane scenes into exciting and frenetic narratives, her busy and bold compositions are injected with a quirky sense of humour and fantastical charm. Her work immerses the viewer into a world they recognise, yet distorted enough to make the banal look extraordinary.Google Social Impact Campaign September 2015She works digitally to form her trademark two dimensional, flattened designs which are usually populated with people and furniture. Her influences evolve from the daily lives of people living within an overstimulated world and the concept of the mundane. Stylistically she is inspired by Memphis patterns and feels drawn to both the message and style of the Pop Art movement.

One of her most recents projects involved illustrating the entire branding for Cannes Lion 2016 – the International Advertising Festival, featuring many of her signature quirky characters. Last year, Martina was one of four artists to collaborate with Pull&Bear to mark the re-opening of their store in Paris. She produced stunning illustrations on the side of one of four custom vans, inspired by the concept of ‘Palm Springs’. The 4 vans were displayed in store as part of their new store concept. Other Illustrators who took part included Kyle Platts and Michela Picchi.

Martina’s work has hooked the attention of clients such as Converse, The Guardian and The New York Times, and now BookBlock Original is lucky enough to be showcasing her extraordinary work on our very own notebooks. Check out more of her work on her website and Instagram.
Custom Notebook Bespoke Journal

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