Custom Notepad Jorunal

Childrens Illustrator Lorna Scobie

It was an absolute please to collaborate with London based Illustrator Lorna Scobie to make her a custom Bookblock Original notebook featuring a lively underwater themed composition.

Lorna’s fast, colourful and spontaneous illustration style is instantly recognisable and we love the playful spirit she injects into them. Creating her work mainly by hand, she uses paint and pencils to create her colourful and lively compositions. Her work is full of intricate detail, textured paint strokes and fast mark making to achieve a very illustrative and beautiful style. She told us that she ’…tries to avoid planning things out before [she] draws. I like to think about the compositions and colour choices as I go, and incorporate any little mistakes into the artwork’.

Animals_Lorna_Scobie_Bookblock_Body_2 Rabbits_Lorna_Scobie_Bookblock_Body_1

Her work is constantly inspired by the natural world and it’s colours and patterns. She is also inspired by interesting facts she hears or reads about animals. Wherever she goes, Lorna carries a sketchbook with her in case she is inspired by something which could form the start of an idea or character.

Having worked with clients such as Stella McCartney, Hermès and Waitrose, her latest project involves working on the illustrations for a big book about the natural world for Hodder. She says, ‘It’s like a dream project, I’m absolutely loving it.’ Alongside this project she is also drawing pet portraits and new pieces including a big underwater scene.

To brighten up your day, view more of Lorna’s work at her website. Or have a go at making your own custom notepad here.