Reece Wykes Illustrations

We had the pleasure of working with Kingston Graduate Reece Wykes to help him create some customised notebooks, showing off his lively illustrative style. His style has a wonderful delicate hand-drawn element to it, contrasted with his bold colour palette choices and block shapes.

Reece gave us some insight into how he produces he work, ‘My working progress always begins with rapid fire drawings in my sketchbook to kickstart my brain into thinking about as many possible ideas’. He told us that once he has decided on a right composition for the piece he creates a final sketch before then scanning it in and adding colour via photoshop. ‘I really try and hang on to the handmade element within my illustrations and embrace the mistakes which I’ve made’.

Reece’s current inspirations stem from his recent move to London which has exposed him to many different cultures and characters which he that seep into his work. He is also interestingly, inspired by old Japanese matchbox labels, for their ‘bizarre characters and peculiar narratives’.

Reece Wykes IMG_10918Reece Wykes IMG_10920 (1)diffBKGRND_2500_c

He is now currently working on a Children’s book titled, ‘I Dare You’ which will be published by Andersen Press. He tells us the book is about two very bored gorillas in the jungle, whose boredom drives them to do dare each other to eat crazy things. We can’t wait to see the results!

 Check out more of Reece’s lively work on his website