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Rob Hodgson’s Energetic Illustrations

We worked in collaboration with Bristol Based illustrator and designer Rob Hodgson to create some custom designed Bookblock Original notebooks.

In a bold, vibrant and textured style, his work often depicts amusing characters in the form of many different objects. His work is playful and infused with a quirky sense of humour as he utilises a mixture of digital and hand drawn elements to combine different image making techniques into one image. He explained, ‘It’s really interesting to me how it’s possible for the first time in history to combine all different types of media all together using the computer. I like that meeting point of old and new technologies’.

Custom Notepad Journal Notebook Custom Notepad Journal Notebook

His source of inspiration stems from ‘unanswered questions’. He told us that ‘Making [his] work is a way of figuring things out – whether they be questions about how you construct pictures, or how to fulfil a brief, or how to make use of a certain material’.

In particular we really like the look of his children’s activity monster book featuring tattoos and activities, based around a friendly gang of monsters which he created in collaboration with Laurence King and is released in Autumn this year. Hodgson’s bold, playful and energetic style is suited perfectly to this children’s book and the sneak preview of the page layout on his website looks beautiful.

As well as creating books, his work has been used to adorn products such as tattoos, stickers, wrapping paper and stationary. Rob has worked in collaboration with U Studio to create a series of brilliant wrapping papers including a design which features rock legends in his quirky and humorous style.

Rob is about to begin his new project which involves working on a new children’s book – keep your eyes peeled!

To view more of his brilliant work check his website.

Custom Notepad Journal

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