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Rollbahn Notebook Review

Despite its German name, Rollbahn is rather surprisingly a notebook born in Japan. Made by Japanese stationary company Delfonics, Rollbahns has inspired a cult following in the Japanese market, thanks to their rigorous, clean designs, coupled with a flair for colour.

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Rarely found outside of Japan the Rollbahn notebook is all about the small details. The 70gsm ivory paper is printed with a fine graph that lets you organize thoughts without hindering your freedom to sketch and the pages are micro-perforated for easy tearing and includes five plastic pockets in the rear to hold loose paper, business cards, receipts, pressed flowers, and other ephemera.

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Spiral notebooks are for the most part associated with low quality but this is certainly not the case with Rollbahns. Double spirals ensure that the spine isn’t prone to damage and the pages flip over with ease, making it a lovely notebook to work with. Its one potential drawback, however, is its size. With the “L” version quite close to a B6, which, whilst allows for convenient transportation (just about fitting in a large jacket pocket), the additional spice taken up by the spiral makes working space smaller then one might like.

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