Thomas Hedger’s striking Illustrations cast a new light on our everyday

Drawing upon influences of pop nostalgia, 90’s music and cartoons, Thomas Hedger’s charming, vector-style work transforms the mundane into the extraordinary. Pumped with vivid colour palettes, quirky characters and surreal settings, his work offers a playful and eccentric perspective on the world. Thomas experiments with bold outlines and negative space to create graphically striking compositions that makes you instantly want to hang all of his work on your wall.

Working digitally he often depicts, places, people and objects in his characteristic bold use of thick outlines and dramatic blocks of colour. Narrative plays a major part in Thomas’s Work and his subject matter is often inspired by a passing conversation or walker by. Looking more closely, his compositions look like stills picked from a film, with an underlying story behind a particular object or person, ’There’s always an undulating story, there’s always something happening even if it’s really static. I always hope to add a deeper meaning’.

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Living on a houseboat in Reading, his work has been influenced by his watery surroundings, often depicting swimming pools and water reflections. Growing up in Slough, Illustration has always been a major focal point in Thomas’s life, ‘I think it’s the first thing I remember even from reception… I can’t fit in anywhere else, it’s the only place that seems natural’. His style has progressed from pencil on paper, to digitalised vector drawings, reducing his subjects down to simplified blocks of shape and colour.

He told us that he usually begins a piece of work by diving straight onto the computer, sketching out some simple outlines of the idea he is thinking of, ‘ It’s normally quite focused on the idea than the final piece. So it’s rough shapes, rough people, the setting of where they could be’. One of the most striking things about Thomas’ work is his use of bold colour, ‘When i first started my colours they were really dull but it was deliberate. I only had about 5 colours, and then slowly I added a new colour. Eventually I got this nice palette that I stick with. I’m happy with my colours, i’ve spent ages choosing them which i think really compliment each other’.

Having just started a course in Graphic Design, specialising in Illustration, at Central Saint Martins, Thomas hopes to push his style further on the course. Having already created such a rich and powerful style and worked with an impressive range of clients such as The New York Times and The Telegraph, we’re expecting Thomas Hedger’s to go on to more amazing things.

Visit his website to see more of his striking work.

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